Beautiful (?) Chaos


The topic for this week was Beautiful Chaos.  I have a lot of chaos in my house.  I wandered the house yesterday shooting photos quickly of all of the chaotic spots in the house.  I am too embarrassed to post some of them.  This is the least chaotic chaos photo. I found this roll out/flat dish drainer thing a ma jig in an LTD commodities catalog.  I love it.  It lays across the sink and we can put all kinds of stuff on it to dry.  Unfortunately it is just another spot for stuff to collect.  There is always something on it.  In this photo you will notice a dual side sponge, a new wine cork remover, a flower petal piece that can be used in Fiona’s water fountain, several bottle brushes, two blades for the nutri-bullet, and a coffee mug.

Lately I’ve been extremely frustrated with the state of our house.  Clutter everywhere.  Too much stuff.  Lots of dust and grime.  Not only is the house a total mess, there are too many updates and repairs needed to mention.  I feel completely at a loss as to how to start to fix it.  I am overwhelmed.  How can this be fixed?  Where do I start?  I need help and my husband is completely clueless and could care less about the house.  This makes it harder.  Having a partner in the fix would be helpful.

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