The Care And Feeding Of Fiona


Ignore the dirty floor.  This is Fiona’s feeding station.  It has evolved during the two years she has been a part of our family.  Previously, this was the location of the feeding station for our two dogs Maggie and Dakota, may they rest in peace.

In the lower right corner is her fountain.  I bought this because Fiona was obsessed with drinking water from a running faucet.  She was spending a lot of time in sinks.  She never drank out of her water bowl, only a faucet or sink.  This fountain does the trick.  She will occasionally drink from a faucet but not obsessively.  She will drink regularly from this fountain.  I keep it plugged in 24/7.  There is a filter in it which needs to be changed periodically.  I empty and clean it out along with a filter change every couple of months.  Between cleanings I will add water to the top when it makes a louder noise, indicating the water level is getting low.

To the left of the fountain is a shallow feeding bowl.  This was designed to slow down the pace of eating.  It helps somewhat but Fiona will still eat too fast and puke once in awhile.  The dry food she loves is Blue Wilderness, Salmon.  She dislikes anything chicken flavored so I stay away from that.

To the left of the shallow feeding bowl is her “Sheba Dish.”  I call it this because this is the dish we put her wet food in and she loves Sheba perfect portions and that is basically all she eats for wet food.  Again, no chicken flavor, only salmon, tuna, whitefish.  She gets her “Sheba” every other day in the evening.  Sometimes more often if she begs for it (standing in front of her food cupboard meowing)

Behind the Sheba Dish is a back up water bowl.  I keep this filled with fresh water in the event of a power outage (meaning no fountain).

Then next to the back up water bowl is a mini muffin tin with dry food.  This is my latest experiment.  The tech at my veterinarians office had recommended this to me a year ago.  The idea is to slow down their eating pace.  Lately Fiona has been snarfing her food and puking more often so I decided to try this method out.  I didn’t want to completely change her method of dry food delivery so I just added it to the mix to let her get used to it.  When I first put it out she was afraid of it!  She got down in her attack pose and her hair stood up.  I was surprised to be honest.  She has eventually warmed up to it and will actually eat out of it now.  It took her about 8-10 hours to warm up to it.

So, that is an overview of the care and feeding of my Fiona.  A strange blog topic to be sure, but it’s a topic that has been on my mind lately:  getting her to eat slower!

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