I had a few ideas for my blog post today but they went out the window, figuratively not literally.  So, instead of abandoning my writing efforts all together I decided to rely on the daily word prompt.  The word for today is capacity, which is perfect. The word capacity can be used in so many ways to describe my day today.

I had a plan for today.  A little list on a post it note:

-31 order, color street order, bills, blog.  That was it.  Four things then relax and recharge for the rest of the day.  The 31 order did me in.  I hosted a Thirty One Bags party of the last 2 weeks of September, ending last night at midnight.  But, my hostess portal was not working, and the Cindy Tote I wanted is no longer in stock.  The Cindy tote (in buffalo plaid) was the only reason I had the party…I wanted to get it cheaper.  So, after spending over an hour trying to figure out why I couldn’t get into my hostess portal, and then learning that the sole reason for the party was no longer available I gave up.  I can no longer figure out what I even want from Thirty One anymore.  I have lost the capacity to switch gears and figure something else out.  The time spent on the web site sucked some energy from me and then the disappointment over the Cindy tote finished me off.  Now I’m done for the day.  I have no desire to pay my bills now.  I can’t even finish my coffee.  I’m spinning my wheels. My ideas for my blog post are like mush in my brain and I can’t formulate words for them anymore.

This happens to all of us (i’m assuming).  We have thoughts, ideas, sounds, sights, smells all coming at us from all directions and there are so many instances where we are using our brain and our energy to keep balls in the air and to keep ourselves and our families upright and functioning.  Everyone has limited capacity.  None of us can do it all every day all day long.

How do you recharge?  How do you regain your capacity?  For me it’s alone time.  I need quiet time without distractions.  I cannot recharge around other people.  This becomes a problem at work and even at home sometimes when my husband is at full capacity and I am not.

Do you get warning bells or signs when you are nearing the end of your capacity?  I’m not sure if I do.  I probably do but I haven’t learned how to recognize them.  I’m only now learning (in my 50’s) what I need to re-charge.  It will probably take me another 50 years to figure out the warning signs.

Daily Word Prompt

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