Hello!  Long time no blog.  I really thought I would keep up my blog posts once I did that blog meme awhile back….

So I’ve hit my usual “blog block” and thought I would try a daily word prompt.  The word for today is “Termination”

Awhile back I took a break from my 52frames photo challenge group.  Why did I do this? There are tons of reasons but my biggest reason was time.  I was finding myself scrambling to get a photo taken, and also trying to find time to look through the album.  What have I been so busy doing?  Absolutely nothing I wasn’t already doing.  I’m not sure whether this is a case of poor time management or just that I don’t feel like taking photos anymore.  You make time for the things that are important to you, right?

I haven’t “terminated” my participation in this group, I am just taking a break.  I most likely will not start back up at the beginning of January.  I haven’t missed it at all, sadly.  I thought that I would miss it.  I actually felt “relief” almost immediately after that first week of “not submitting” a photo.  I feel as though maybe photography is not my thing.  Or that type of photography maybe wasn’t my thing.  I’m planning to do my own version of a challenge starting in January. I am going to do 365 days of Sky photography.  I’ve always liked the idea of one topic, many photos.  Stay tuned.  I hope to post some of the photos here along with my experience with this type of challenge. My main spot for posting the photos will be Instagram.  Instagram users, should I create a new/separate instagram account for this challenge or just use the one I am using (thus keeping all my current followers?). Also is it easy to link my Instagram account to this blog?  I guess I need to start researching this stuff.


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