And The Sign Says…

No Smoking!  Seriously, that’s what it means, DO NOT SMOKE.  So, why do smokers seem to feel that this doesn’t apply to them?  At my place of employment there are signs everywhere saying that smoking is not allowed on the property yet there are cigarette butts everywhere.  The groundskeepers cannot keep up with them. Don’t even ask me why the rules are not enforced, I’ve already asked with no response.  The challenge this week for 52frames was “something you dislike” so this was my first thought. Not only are people smoking right where I enter the building (yes I glare at them and once I even said something, which was difficult for this introvert!) exposing me to cancer causing chemicals, but they leave their butts among the beauty of Mother Nature, ruining it.  What I didn’t notice until post processing was the rock situated above the butt…it looks like a duck, doesn’t it?


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