Negative Space


I finally found some rain-free time to do some planting.  Today I focused on my pots as the butterfly garden is still to wet too get in there and plant.

Today is Mothers Day, and as I planted herbs and flowers I contemplated the process of planting a seed and watching it grow and flourish.  I usually feel out of sorts and sad on Mothers day because I was never able to get pregnant.  I suffered from endometriosis for all of my teen and adult years, finally getting relief with menopause which was bittersweet.  At one time in my life I yearned to adopt a child (rather than trying in vitro) but since I also struggled in relationships the timing was never right and I was not brave enough to intentionally partake in single parenthood.  Step parenthood and step grand parenting became my reality instead.

The subject for 52frames this week was negative space, which seems appropriate for today.  Negative space=empty womb.

I took a few other photos but this one taken during planting this afternoon is the one I chose to submit.

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