Eating Healthy Is Expensive


It always amazes me the difference in amount spent on groceries depending on what type of food I’m buying.  When I shop the periphery, which is the recommendation for those wanting to eat healthier, I spend a lot more.  In the cafeteria at work a lunch of salad bar only usually costs me $2-3 more than a burger and fries.

The 52frames challenge for this week was “abstract.”  I saw a receipt laying on the sidewalk so I took a shot of it with my iPhone and added all sorts of filters to make it more abstract.  I noticed the healthy items and wondered what this persons total bill was on this day…but it was dirty and soggy so I didn’t pick it up to look.

If I didn’t have to work full time I would have my own vegetable garden, the savings would be wonderful.  Unfortunately the time needed for upkeep and maintenance of a vegetable garden is more than I want to commit to.  So, farmers markets it is…at a cost of course.


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