There’s Something Fishy Going On Here


Wild Salmon Recipe that is.  This is Fiona’s favorite cat food.  I suppose she would get excited about any type of canned food but I had tried some pouches of wet food that she liked but didn’t love.  I alternate dry with this, and the dry stays in her bowl almost 2 days whereas this stuff rarely lasts a full day.  I buy it in boxes of 6 or 12 and there are 4 flavors all together.

The theme for this week for 52frames was smell.  I struggle with this theme because it requires some creativity to create a photo that imparts a scent.  I almost skipped this week because I wasn’t feeling creative AT ALL.  But, this morning I realized that canned cat food has a distinct smell.  I had a photo shoot idea all figured out.  I would use my mini tripod and shutter release for my iPhone and set a scene with Fiona on the counter eating the food out of the can.  Those shots did not come out well at all, too blurry and too much background noise.  So, I re-shot just the can of food.  I am trying out Luminar, photo editing software for Mac, and so I did some initial tweaks there but since it was new and I haven’t had time to watch the introductory videos, I did some final tweaking in photoScape, which is the cheap photo editing software that I have been using for awhile.  PhotoScape is okay but it freezes up on me every 2-3 photos and I have to force stop it and re-start it again.  I think I’m going to like Luminar.

I ended up making this canned cat food photo more high key and added a watercolor pencil filter.  I kind of like it!

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