Dont Forget To Look Up


I’m always amazed at the sky.  I don’t know how many times I’m driving around and happen to look up and just say “wow”.  If ever in doubt about a higher power, just look up.  I wish that I would remember to look up more often. 95% of my day is spent looking down or straight ahead.  Looking at my phone, the computer screen, my tablet, the ground, the dashboard of the car, my book or kindle, or the TV.  I have had ideas of creating a photo album or project of only sky photos.  This idea comes to me every time that I take a photo that includes sky.  Then I forget the idea.  The theme for 52 frames this week was Sky.  The photo above was taken in the parking lot waiting for my shuttle to work.  The bus was coming so I only had a second, but this was the result.  I love the orange tone on gray.  It seems like a hesitant sky.  It wanted to be beautiful but it is winter and there needed to be snow and cold and dreariness.  The sun tried hard to show itself.

Take a few moments every day to appreciate the sky above you, you will be thankful for it.

Published by: lyrehs49

am in my early 50's and enjoy writing about all of the stuff that comes up when you are in your early 50's. I am somewhat disorganized with blogging, thus I have several blogs started, then forgotten about once those "thoughts" give away to other "thoughts." This musing of a blog seems to be the one I come back to the most, so here is where you will find me.

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