Of Pencil and Paper


I’ve recently rediscovered pencils.  There is something rather satisfying about writing with a pencil.  When journaling or writing in a notebook where you utilize both sides of the paper pencil does not bleed through.  If you make a mistake you can erase it.  If it dulls down you can sharpen it.  When it’s done, it isn’t taking up space in a landfill somewhere.

My rediscovery of pencils was fueled by a guest on a podcast.  Caroline Weaver of CW pencils.  She has her own shop where all that is sold are pencils and pencil related items. I ordered Christmas gifts from her online and they came packaged individually in a very tasteful envelope wrapped with string.  My first indulgence was “Pizza Pencils” …pencils that contain seeds.  In the box were three pencils:  Cherry tomatoes, Oregano and Basil.  I am currently writing with Oregano.  Once I am down to a stub I will plant it.

CW Pencils

The subject for 52 frames this week was “common object” and the photo above was my submission.  Both the sharpener and eraser were purchased from CW pencils.

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