via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

I keep meaning to participate in the WordPress daily prompts and weekly photo challenges but haven’t quite picked up the habit.  I’ve been home sick with the crud this week so my schedule is all wonky to say the least.  I haven’t been able to sleep because of coughing and being generally uncomfortable and this morning I am wide awake before sunrise once again.  This makes a perfect opportunity to write a blog post via the daily prompt.

The word silhouette immediately brings to mind a photo I took of our new cat Fiona.  We adopted her at the end of December from the local shelter.  She was 8 months at the time and is now 9 months old.  She is tiny but does not let her size stop her from exploring all corners of our house!  She loves to cuddle.  She also lets me know when she’s done cuddling, ha.  This morning I am taking her to the vet for her first wellness check and we were required to take a stool sample.  I was worried about timing but she did not fail me.  I went to scoop her litter box and she came and jumped in and peed for me.  I gave her praise and asked if she wouldn’t mind pooping also, and so she turned around, squatted and pooped!  On command!  That was a proud kitty mama moment right there!

Here is the silhouette photo of my Fiona Grace:



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