Finding Time For Creativity

Snapseed 19

This last week was an “off” week for me. By “off” I mean low energy, low motivation, poor sleep.  They all go hand in hand but the resulting outcome is a photo that reflects low energy, low motivation, and poor sleep.  The theme for 52 frames this week was “leading lines” and the above photo was my submission, taken quickly and haphazardly at my desk at work.

Every week I tell myself that next week I am going to set time aside specifically to find a subject to photograph.  I tell myself that I will take some time and effort toward framing, setting a scene (or finding a scene) and even take a field trip to find a good photo.

But, in the end the 20 million other things on my to do list take precedence and there is no energy left for photography.  In fact I’ve been neglecting most of my creative pursuits lately.  I haven’t worked on a knitting project for awhile, my wine label collage is still just an idea, and I have not stamped any cards in ages.  I have a paint by numbers kit waiting to be worked on…who knows when that will happen.

It’s a recurring theme in my life. Never finding (or making) the time for the things that I love to do and instead spending almost all of my time and energy on the chores that have to be done but are not fun or exciting.  I don’t know the answer to this issue short of winning the lottery.

My hope for 2018 is to figure out a solution to time management and increased physical and mental energy!

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