Embracing Imperfection


The last time I wrote an entry for this blog I was in the midst of indecision as to what to do for this blog and with the photography group that I am a part of called “52 Frames.”

I have decided to continue with 52 frames and for 2018 I will take each photo with my iPhone.  As for this blog I have decided to continue with my random posts about not much of anything, plus I plan to blog about each one of my 52 frames photo submissions, to tell the rest of the story, so to speak.

For this week our topic was self portrait and the extra credit was “Imperfection”

On the day that I took this photo I had forced myself to go to the gym in the morning.  I had been extremely lazy over the holidays and I really needed to move.  I was feeling low energy (which is pretty common for me lately), I had a stubborn knot at the back of my neck on the left side, I was wearing a short sleeved t shirt because I was hot (even though the outdoor temps were below zero), my flannel pants were snug, and my bra was tight. I had just taken a hot shower after the gym and decided to do a little bit of self care so I put my wet hair in a turbo twist and slathered a mud mask on my face.  What a perfect opportunity for a selfie, and yes, there are imperfections all over the place with this photo.  I am walking imperfection.

When I look at this photo I don’t really recognize myself.  Yes, I have a stupid mask on my face and my hair is wrapped up and it’s black and white….but the eyes.  I don’t recognize my eyes.  They look wary, tired, somber.  I don’t see sadness but they are not far from sad.  They are on the cusp of sadness.

Hopefully the next time I take a selfie I see some happiness in those eyes!

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