Trying to find the time (and money) to improve and expand my photography skills

I love taking photographs.  I especially love it when the photo that I take reflects what I actually see.  It’s rare when it happens, but when it does I keep it somewhere on my computer.  Photography storage is a whole other topic for another blog post, today I’m going to ramble on about the taking of photos.

I’ve had my Canon Rebel for about 5 years now.  When I bought it I had all sorts of plans.  I would learn the basics with the kit lens and the cheaper zoom lens that I purchased along with the camera and then I would start buying better lenses and better equipment and eventually upgrade to a better camera, and then I would start showing my work and then I would start my own photography business and then I would finally make a living doing what I love to do.

Five years later I still have the same camera, the same two lenses and my skills are about the same.  I never realized how much time photography takes!  Finding the time to learn is so very hard when you have a full time job and other interests and commitments.  I still have yet to find a perfect location for a sunrise photo and then set my alarm for an hour before sunrise and go set up my tripod and wait for my shot.  I’ve been wanting to do that for so long but I haven’t even found my perfect location yet let alone actually getting it done.

I have spent some time researching different lenses but it’s all so overwhelming trying to figure out what type of lens I would use the most and then finding something that isn’t more expensive than my monthly mortgage payment.

One thing I have discovered about my photography is that I am much more comfortable taking pictures of things than I am taking pictures of people.  One of my goals has been to take more people pictures but I just haven’t broken out of that rut too much yet.

Here are some random photo’s over the years, some are edited and some are not.


This was taken around Christmas time in 2011 at our Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Dakota’s paw taken last fall


This was taken in the Spring of 2012 of shore birds in S. Padre Island, Texas


This was taken recently of a vineyard in Lodi, California

gm1 - Copy

This was taken in Grand Marais, MN last summer in the fog.

See?  Things not people!

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am in my early 50's and enjoy writing about all of the stuff that comes up when you are in your early 50's. I am somewhat disorganized with blogging, thus I have several blogs started, then forgotten about once those "thoughts" give away to other "thoughts." This musing of a blog seems to be the one I come back to the most, so here is where you will find me.

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