I’m not a very good traveler…


Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel.  I love exploring new places and checking them off the bucket list.  I can maneuver an airport with the best of them and make air and hotel reservations easily.  I’m even pretty good at finding bargain deals. Where I suck is with packing and adapting to my surroundings.  I always pack way too many things and the things I pack are the wrong things.  I recently traveled to Sacramento, California.  I decided that THIS was going to be the trip where I packed perfectly and became the expert traveler that I always wanted to be.  Not a chance.  First of all I wanted to fly without checking a bag since that seems to be the thing to do these days. I shopped online for days, looking for a good carry on bag that would hold all my stuff. I finally decided to try my smaller suitcase and a tote bag so I settled for a Kipling tote. Once the Kipling arrived I soon discovered that I was going to have to narrow my clothing choices down ALOT to be able to manage my small roller suitcase and the Kipling bag. I surfed around pinterest finding all kinds of travel hacks and how to pack 20 outfits into a carry on bag. Looking at the pictures of the clothes she packed made me realize that I needed a whole new wardrobe in order to be able to pack that way. Not a chance! The second problem was realizing that I didn’t know how to pack my hair products to meet TSA on board liquid guidelines.  So, I resorted to my usual pattern of packing, re-packing, squeezing all kinds of stuff in my suitcase and checking a bag.  Then when I get to my destination I have all kinds of clothes that I never wear, and nothing that I actually need.

As far as adapting to my surroundings my digestive system always takes a big hit when I travel.  I am usually not able to poop when and where I need to poop and it throws me off.  Not to mention I’m not in my own bed and I’m eating out alot.  It usually takes me at least a week after returning before I’m back to normal!

But, I still love to travel and I try to make sure that I vacation somewhere new or at least to a place that I love at least once a year.  This year is a bonus year because I am getting two vacations:  The Sacramento trip that I just returned from and a Glacier National Park vacation in August.

The picture above was taken at the Amtrak train station in Sacramento.  We took a train into San Francisco for a day trip.  It was alot of fun!  I took the photo in black and white and added a slight daguerreotype filter.

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