I HATE Shape magazine

I haven’t paid for the magazine for years, yet it is still delivered to my mailbox every month. I’ve actually cancelled my subscription twice but yet it still comes. I haven’t actually read the magazine for awhile, instead it sits in the magazine rack in our guest bathroom so that others may become as angered by it as I have become. Just a glance at the cover and I am instantly reminded that I should be able to have a flat belly in 6 days and that there are actually foods that I can eat that will make me burn fat! I am also reminded that it really only takes 21 days to become hot. The best reminders though are the ones that imply that only slim, buff, beautifully tanned women with 6 pack abs can enjoy sex. If none of those topics interest you just flip to the back of the magazine and you’ll find ads for all sorts of supplements that might kill you but by god you will be hot in your casket! And you probably had the best sex of your life before you croaked!


Published by: lyrehs49

am in my early 50's and enjoy writing about all of the stuff that comes up when you are in your early 50's. I am somewhat disorganized with blogging, thus I have several blogs started, then forgotten about once those "thoughts" give away to other "thoughts." This musing of a blog seems to be the one I come back to the most, so here is where you will find me.

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