Everything I needed to know about introversion I learned from Pinterest


I never realized what was wrong with me until I came across this on Pinterest.

What a relief to find out I’m not antisocial, I’m just introverted!

The last thing I want to do after being around people all day is to socialize with people in the evening.

I crave alone time.

I have definite personal space issues.

I detest unannounced visitors…I need “prep time” for social events

I don’t like talking on the phone.

So, why do I want to blog? That’s a good question…I’m still trying to figure out what appeals to me about blogging. I do know that I like the control. Blogging happens when want it to happen, and the topic is up to me.

Published by: lyrehs49

am in my early 50's and enjoy writing about all of the stuff that comes up when you are in your early 50's. I am somewhat disorganized with blogging, thus I have several blogs started, then forgotten about once those "thoughts" give away to other "thoughts." This musing of a blog seems to be the one I come back to the most, so here is where you will find me.

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2 thoughts on “Everything I needed to know about introversion I learned from Pinterest”

    1. I’m not a full-on introvert but I think the answer is we/they still want to connect in meaningful ways with other people – blogging doesn’t use the same kind of energy a party does, or a formal dinner for twelve, or just anything like that.

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